On-demand Consulting

Insight learning, global finding, perfect matching.
Project based: new setting up HR systems or restructure your current ones.

Some organizations select our services to supplement an existing human resource department whilst others find it advantageous to utilize our services in place of a formal human resource function.

A turn-key project: Leadtalent undertakes on HR turnkey assignment to recruit, train and setup the total HR system for any new companies setting up. We consult the board management when recruiting is over their capacity or they simply need a laser focused sourcing or recruitment campaign to generate the necessary on-target candidates, our project-based offering is the perfect solution.

Deploying a project-based initiative designed to accomplish the exact hiring or candidate sourcing objective within the client’s specific business situation. We manage from end-to-end recruiting process and deliver non down-time reports and status-updates, market reaction is also constantly reflected to the client.

Restructuring HR system: Right team together with our partner, our Consultant will review Client’s plan to help identify potentially problematic issues, analyse and discuss alternative options.